Braveda is a Sydney-based marketing agency comprised of a group of passionate marketers. As well as inspiring and empowering businesses to do brilliant marketing, Braveda are determined to leave a mark on the world by using what they have to impact the lives and futures of disadvantaged young women. 


The challenge in designing the logo was that it needed to be suited to both a marketing agency, working with businesses, and a cause that works with vulnerable and marginalised women to develop them personally. The solution was to design a logo that featured a lioness, a symbol of strength, bravery and courageousness. However it was also important to also show warmth, unity and passion, which is conveyed through the illustrative style of the logo and colour palette of the branding.

The collateral build-out included an informational brochure, as well as a suite of company business cards, which featured a range of motivational quotes combined with the various brand colours, as an interesting and fun little link back to the agency's core purpose.

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