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For businesses with big dreams of creating a better world.

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Design has the power to do great things — change minds, shape culture, inspire and empower. I partner with businesses who also aspire to these goals, and who recognise the value in clear, intentional design.

My goal is to integrate sustainability into every project I do, by reducing negative environmental and social impacts. 

In the studio this means limiting the amount of paper and waste produced, maximising the life cycle of furniture and IT equipment, utilising natural lighting and cooling, and partnering with printers who work sustainably.

On a personal level, I am committed to living by the same ethos — reducing, reusing and recycling, eating locally-grown seasonal fruit and vegetables — and I have recently gone vegetarian. (Did you know that even just reducing your meat intake will help the environment?)


I am not perfect, but we all know that even small and simple changes can make a huge difference.