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Green Goddess Guelph

Green Goddess Guelph is a 100% plant-based and whole foods meal delivery business, based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Owner, Morgan, offers a range of different plant-based meal options to choose from each week, then all meals are prepared fresh and delivered right to her customers' doors.

The brief for this project was to design a versatile logo that would appeal to health and environmentally conscious consumers and vegans based in the Guelph area. Guelph is a very grassroots kind of city, with a significant plant-based community, and it was very important that the logo communicate a sense of health and a promise of freshness.

The solution was a colourful series of illustrations, grouped together symmetrically, reminiscent of a fruit platter or buddha bowl. There is also a secondary logo which is used in place of the primary logo if space does not allow, or if the pattern formed from the logo illustrations is to be used alongside the logo.

Morgan's delicious offerings can be found here on her website.